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Elixir Level Sensor

It is a microprocessor based tuning (vibrating) fork for liquids. It works well for level detection of fluids in extreme plant conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. It's compact and power saving.

MPILC Level Sensor

A sensor for detecting the level of liquids/fluids with a microprocessor. This level transmitter brings switching and indication with 4-20 mA output. It's popular for its reliability and has found a good market for itself.

TRANSlite Level Sensor

This is a microcontroller based 3/4 wire, capacitance based level transmitter, has no moving parts and no mechanical wear and tear. It's compact and economical. It provides a 0.25% accuracy and consumes low power.

SLW Level Sensor

Water level indicator based on the conductivity principle. This is an established instrument.

SLC Level Sensor

The SLC is a capacitance based level measurement for indicating empty tank condition, preventing pumps from running dry and avoiding overflow. This is recommended for free flowing liquids and solids.

SLM Level Sensor

Vibrating fork level switch for free flowing powders, granules, chips. Suitable up-to 200°C. Compact, no calibration, flame proof version for Ex-area. More than 10,000 successful installations in India and abroad speak for its quality and excellence.

SLA...M Level Sensor

This Admittance Level sensor for solids can be efficiently used to reduce the inventory as the same evaluation unit can be field configured either for High or Low level fail-safe detection. It's used for Level limit detection of fine, coarse, solids of low dielectric constant that have a tendency to stick, coat and develop static charge at high vessel temperatures. This instrument has a rich installation base in almost all cement plants and other bulk / material handling industries in India.

SSI series Level Sensor

The instrument is suitable for detecting an over speed or under speed condition of rotating, reciprocating or conveying equipment.

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